The Capaccio dam on Celone creek

In the municipal disctrict of Lucera is located the Capaccio dam on Celone creek, a fairly recent reservoir whose work began in 1990. It has a total capacity of 25.82 million of cubic meters and is a dam designed to use water for irrigation and industrial. Its particular morphology with not steep banks has meant that this overgrowth has become an important stopping point for birds during migration. Particularly in November, in the foggy evenings, the dam is the destination of hundreds of cranes, which stop in the fields facing for refreshment and recover their strength to continue the migration.

During the winter, the dam is the home of several species of ducks, both on the surface, such as the Mallard, the Northern Pintail, the Gadwall, and divers like the Morette and the Pochards. Among the streams there is no shortage of coots and moorhen. It is a wintering place for wild geese and since 2003 the Cormorant has been nesting there. Obviously there is no shortage of cattle egrets that often accompany domestic livestock in the area.

Other herons instead, including the Sgarza tuft, the Night Heron, the Little Egret, the Little Bittern, the rare Bittern, the Gray Heron and the Great White Egret, frequent the Dam outside of the breeding season. On the banks in spring stand several species of waders among which the white spoonbill, the Mignattaio and the Black-winged Stilts, as well as Dunlins and Sandpipers. Among the birds of prey it is easy to observe, in addition to the Buzzard also the Swamp Falcon or even the rarest Osprey.

Vincenzo Rizzi