Nature excursion

Beyond the experience of visiting the museum, it is possible to combine and schedule the timing, even the naturalistic excursion, by agreeing with the teacher. The museum experience becomes so rich in meaning, very different from the traditional educational trip.

The Wood and the River. These are excursions organized by naturalists for educational purposes and which take place in the natural environment in which the museum is inserted. This type of activity allows you to access, with classes and guides, some of the most interesting naturalistic places of the territory such as Mount Cornacchia and the Celone Valley and to perform in-situ lessons of great educational and scientific value. We collect information on the history of the area and the species that populate it and study the topographic maps to deal with the excursion in a conscious way.

Depending on the season, the school organization and the pupils’ target, the appropriate excursion itineraries will be analyzed. In all the excursions there are research activities of the tracks, the observation of the environment and the study of the vegetation. This activity from an educational point of view allows children to spend an outdoor day in direct contact with the natural environment.

From the sensorial point of view it allows to develop their skills stimulating curiosity and emotionally involving children because they use:

  • View: observe the colors of nature and its infinite nuances.
  • Smell: to recognize the smells of spontaneous aromatic plants, of flowers with bright aromas, of the earth and of wood.
  • Touch: discover the tree species from the analysis of the trunk of the trees (rough, smooth) from the leaves etc.
  • Hearing: perceive the calls of the birds, the buzzing of insects, the leaves moved by the wind, the crackling of a branch that breaks.


The guide will help the children to identify and recognize through the analysis of the traces, the fauna and flora present.

  • Promote the spirit of observation.
  • Create an opportunity for socialization through teamwork.
  • Create and develop interest in research, knowledge, reflection on topics related to reality and the problems of our environment.
Topics covered
  • The forest ecosystem, the wolf and all the other inhabitants.
  • Air: the climate and the birds.
  • Plants and general botany.
  • Animals and zoology.
  • The river: wonderful ecosystem.
  • Recognition techniques: the naturalistic method.
  • Mammals: the nocturnal inhabitants of our natural environments.

[Excursions, observations and walks]


The environments where the observations and walks take place have been selected and therefore free of dangers for children. However, it is important to follow some rules of behavior to proceed in total safety as the excursion takes place in a natural environment.


Rules of conduct

It is strictly forbidden to leave the paths.

Follow the information signs.

Keep the tone of the voice low.

Do not disturb the wildlife.

Do not collect plants, flowers and mushrooms.

Leave the paths and the river clean.

Do not light fires.


Recommended clothing

For children and adults: sneakers or trekking boots, rubber boots, spare socks, overalls and waterproof jacket, possibly with non-vivid colors. It is advisable to bring notebooks and pencils, and camera.