Laboratori scuola d'infanzia

The activities aimed at children are rich in practical and manipulative experiences able to involve them and create an emotional bond with the museum. Children can meet the animals that populate the area, or live a hard-working insect day in a meadow full of things to discover, but also dangerous pitfalls or maybe decide to make a long journey between fun discoveries and curious animals.

The didactic proposals, aimed at the kindergarten and the first two years of primary school, lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes, are divided into the following

Game on animal mimicry and natural selection. Totally interactive activity will stimulate the senses and test them by comparing them with those of animals and plants. The participants will be able to disguise themselves and put on make-up so as not to be caught in a forest, to become luminescent in the dark, to transform themselves into a metamorphosis.

Activity with colored cards to understand the strategies and interactions between the prey and its predator.

Game to find out how many animals do using senses that do not belong to humans to move around in the environment, to eat and breastfeed.

Game to find out where animals live.

An ancient game to discover the world of wild and domestic animals, learn their secrets and discover new species.

Curiosity and amazement are important ingredients in every intervention: children are stimulated to understand, try and discover. This is a first approach to scientific research, where even mistakes can be a starting point for interesting explanations. The thematic paths allow the use of different books to stimulate research and comparison; the material is prepared so that the boys can successfully make a game. All elements that will allow you to read, observe, play, study and tell.