The Territory

Castelluccio Valmaggiore stands as the fulcrum of the Celone Valley Museum System, in its upper part, on the border with Campania. A system that intends to present the territory from its geological and environmental characteristics to human settlement, which is narrated through the results of historical and archaeological research.

Located in the southern part of the Daunia mountains, section of the Apulian Subappennines, the Celone high Valley crosses a series of clay hills that descend to the amphitheater towards the Tavoliere, among which stands Mount Cornacchia (3.776 ft), the highest peak of Puglia.

Immersed in a landscape full of colors that alternates large wooded areas with pastures and arable land, the valley, with its museum system, aims to connect, through the use of countless expositive and narrative tools, physical and virtual, the small town of Castelluccio Valmaggiore with the villages of Faeto and Celle di San Vito, involving in the story the neighboring territories of Biccari to the north and Orsara di Puglia to the south, then descend to Troia and Lucera, these last cornerstones of the historical and settlement events of the territory.