Into Daunia mountains woods

The broad-leaved woods of Daunia mountains represent with their wealth of springs almost a denial to the infamous aridity of the Capitanata. In fact, remained immune to the great changes that have affected the plain, today they represent a great environmental resource for the entire Apulia region. In many cases the habitat is made more precious by the association with faunistic and botanical rarities, such as the various species of wild orchids or amphibians that the most expert observers can see in the thick of the undergrowth or in the collecting tanks of the many springs.

They are very rare species, think of the dalmatina frog or the yellow-bellied toad, which with its picturesque name refers to the bright colors and the love verses that it exhibits during the reproductive period. And not least the population of mammals, from the most common, such as the fox, the badger, the stone marten or the boar, the most rare and elusive apennine wolf that, probably following the guidelines of transhumance, has moved so far moving from natural parks of central Italy.