Visit the museum

The paths are all active or allow you to experience the museum because they are guided itineraries, always characterized by dynamic impact and interactive ways, well “beyond” the traditional guided tour. Calibrated in relation to the different age groups and to the different needs of in-depth analysis, they allow to capture all the characterizing and essential aspects of the naturalistic and archaeological museum. The setting of each path, therefore, can be modulated according to the teacher’s needs.

Mainly for primary and secondary schools, the active paths always include didactic supports for tactile exploration. It is a visit to admire, in all the sections, the most spectacular evidences and dioramas like the forest ecosystem and the river environment to identify the animals and place them in their environment. Using a map and educational cards identify the characteristics and details of the environments reproduced.

For the little ones (age 4/6 years) a “guide cloud” helps children to observe the various environments in which the water is present in its different states, to understand the water cycle and to know the animals that live in the rivers.

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One or two hours

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All ages


The following workshops can be combined with the visit to the museum