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I racconti del Bosco e del Fiume

I laboratori e la didattica

The Celone Valley Museum for its strategic position is a museum that listens to the voice of the river and the forest and tells its beauty, its naturalistic, historical and archaeological richness and its biodiversity. The Museum is the reflection of these wonderful environments and is able to codify and make accessible to all the Subapennines ecosystems that host not only a rich naturalistic heritage but have also unveiled a unique archaeological heritage throughout the Daunia.


The educational offer proposes didactic courses able to bring children and young people closer to the cultural and naturalistic heritage of the territory through an active and multi-sensorial knowledge that creates not only a flow of information from the evidence to the visitor, but mainly creates affection and participation. It is a different museum didactics because it combines with experience, naturalistic research and archeology. It is a special teaching that transforms the classic guided tour into an interactive visit with exploration activities and tactile knowledge of the evidences and the direct vision of the Subapennine’s species and their habitats.

All the proposed activities are structured according to criteria of maximum inclusion because they are multi-sensorial itineraries that break down the sensorial, perceptive and architectural barriers. Knowledge is guaranteed by the possibility of “being able to touch”: in this way every tactile nuance enriches the cognitive and aesthetic baggage of all visitors and not only of the disabled visitor.

Pasquale Bloise
Managing Director of Celone Valley Museum System



Proposals for schools

The educational proposals aim to bring students closer to museum collections and natural environments in an active and engaging way and allow teachers to use the museum as a valuable educational tool. It consists of a series of initiatives aimed at the world of school with which you can live the museum, as a privileged place to bring students to the natural and archaeological evidences, to the river and forest environment with the support of specialized personnel.


In fact, it is essential to mediate the didactic operator, who is not only proposing to explain or narrate, but guides young people to take the information and the reflections from the analyzed objects on their own. The Museum, the Celone Valley and the wooded areas of the Subappennines like Mount Cornacchia, offer unique scenarios where you can immerse yourself and live experiences that are able to thrill to the naturalistic and archaeological study but with a strongly interactive approach.

The visit to the museum’s exhibition rooms is a new and interactive visit because it allows children to touch the exhibit and to know through tactile both naturalistic and archaeological findings, encouraging a multisensory knowledge also using sight and hearing. The educational proposals allow an in-depth analysis of scientific disciplines such as the natural sciences (ecology, biology, zoology, botany), anthropology and archeology.



The characteristics of the museum make it a forum museum (open, dialogical, collaborative) which still guides the development of the so-called “new museology”. An accessible museum, therefore, it is above all an empathic place that makes active listening the first strategy for involvement.

IN THE MUSEUM THERE ARE NOT barriers (sensory, physical, cognitive but also cultural, emotional and economic) to allow visitors to feel an active part and, together, fully represented. It is an inclusive museum, moreover it is a space made available to the social and its resources e understands the potential of its tools, offering time and solutions to involve people as well who often live in isolation by offering the support of an active network.


Information and reservations for educational services:

– Segreteria Aps Mira – 347.1199300

onception and planning of laboratory and educational paths: Mira – Social promotion association

– Luciana Stella, Responsabile Servizi Educativi